White Fang - Still Stupid


The members of Portland, Oregon's White Fang, a punk-noise quartet with a wild, thrashy sound and a prodigious D.I.Y. output, formed the group in 2005 while they were still in high school. Bandmates Erik Gage, Kyle Handley, Jimmy Leslie, and Chris Uehlein released their debut LP, Pure Evil, in 2008 on Portland indie Marriage Records. The label would go on to release the band's next two albums, 2009's Whateverand 2011's Greatful to Shred, before Gage and Uehlein started their own label, Gnar Tapes & Shit. Several 7" and EP releases on other small indies filled in the mortar between albums as the band maintained an aggressive touring schedule. Active linchpins of Portland's underground scene, all the members of White Fang have been involved in various other indie projects including the Memories, Boom!, Feather Headdress, and the Winter Coats, among others. Since 2011, White Fang have managed to release a new album every year, with many of them on Gnar Tapes. After the release of 2014's Full Time Freaks, White Fang relocated to Los Angeles, building on their relationship with like-minded D.I.Y. weirdos Burger Records, which released the band's 2015 album, Chunks.

Collab with Gnar Tapes