Veruca Salt - Ghost Notes - Cassette


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It’s unlikely that Veruca Salt’s original lineup of Nina Gordon, Louise Post, Steve Lack, and Jim Shapiro ever imagined influencing bands 20 years in the future. One listen to Colleen Green or Charly Bliss, though, is all it takes to recognize the Chicago band’s importance, even if just with 1994’s American Thighs. Ghost Notes, Veruca Salt’s fifth album, plays out like a thank-you note, but unlike most reunited bands, Veruca Salt don’t aim to recapture the past. Instead, the four-piece ditches easy nostalgia for a thorough embrace of their alternative rock roots. When they returned for Record Store Day 2014 with “The Museum of Broken Relationships”, things seemed like they could go in either direction. Veruca Salt could embark on a money grab reunion tour or use the holiday to ensure their reunion news reached every fan. Ghost Notes suggests they did the latter. While that single did stick around (B-side “It’s Holy” was axed on the final cut), it was tidied up for the album, warping its brief timestamp and prowling bass to better support the angsty lyrics. Now, the reshaped high school heartbreak prose fits in with the present day.