The Rebel Set - How To Make A Monster - Cassette


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Deep in the bins of dusty record stores, hidden in the dark corners of graffitied dive bars, and swirling around the interior mist of cars driven by screaming, speeding teenagers, lies a hidden world. To most, it is alien – resigned to the screen, the page, the turntable, the hushed conversation, the raised eyebrow. It’s a place calling out to some, offering safety and freedom, while remaining completely hidden to others. But if you’re reading about The Rebel Set, you probably know all this. You’re already there. Pledging allegiance to the Fender Jaguar, the Farfisa organ, and the driving backbeat, The Rebel Set – singer and ear-piercingly loud guitarist Joe Zimmerman, tambourine-wielding organist/vocalist Katey Wilkins, and straight-shot drummer Jeff Doing – have doubled down on their own kind of sun-bleached, Phoenix, Arizona garage rock. It’s an aggressive kind of music. It’s a liberating kind of music. And it’s the kind of music that saves lives, while destroying everything else in its path.