The Dandy Warhols - Why You So Crazy - Cassette



The Dandy Warhols arrived at the height of the Portland, Oregon grunge movement, but defied their heritage from the start by releasing Velvet Underground-inspired psychedelic albums with musical nods to Ride and My Bloddy Valentine. At a time when licensing songs to television commercials was considered selling out, The Dandy’s bucked the trend and gained considerable mainstream exposure by lending their hit college radio track, “Bohemian Like You” to a Vodaphone commercial, inadvertently blazing a trail for future independent artists to use mass advertising mediums as a means of publicity. Over a decade after their inception, The Dandy’s still exist on the cusp a mainstream success which they simultaneously invite and disdain with equal measure. The Dandy’s march to the beat of their own drum whether that means marching into mainstream acceptance on one album and then away from it on the next.

Collab with Dine Alone Records