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It s circa mid-1970s. The Rolling Stones are recording in 
the luxury of the Caribbean and the New York Dolls are
in the midst of their death throes ... but in Hollywood,
CA the Berlin Brats are torching the Sunset Strip all
before the Sex Pistols played a single note.
They played the raucous launch party of L.A. radio
dynasty KROQ, performed legendary anthem Psychotic
in Cheech & Chong s Up In Smoke, and were soon
headlining the Sunset Strip. They released a 45 (featuring
Psychotic and Tropically Hot ), catching the attention
of the annual Playboy Rock Census, who listed the band
as one to beat in the industry s largest market. But the
flame was burning too hot, and the band broke up on the
way back from headlining a Mabuhay Gardens show in
San Francisco with the Avengers. Bobby Thomas went on
to join Johnny Thunders & Wayne Kramer in Gang War,
while Rick Wilder and Rick Sherman went on to form the
notorious punk band the Mau Maus.
But as they say, only the strong survive, and in this case
it s true of both the musicians and their music. The new
Ratchet Blade release Believe It Or Rot: 1973 1976
presents 13 digitally restored, scorching tracks culled
from lost tapes, vinyl recordings, and assorted bootlegs!